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Merino Triangle

Merino Triangle

Protect your neck in style and warmth with 8 square feet of pure ribbed merino goodness in the shape of a triangle. Elegant cold weather protection from nature’s finest performance fabric.

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Additional Information

Last year we went heavy with our beautiful 18.9 micro merino rib and made 4x4 square scarves. As amazing as it is to wrap yourself in that much of nature’s finest performance fabric, by the middle of the winter we realized we may have gone too far.

We wore those scarves by folding them over in a triangle like a bandana, and at some point we realized we might have a much better product if we just cut the thing into triangles in the first place. We cut a few of our own scarves up and test that hypothesis. The conclusion? The triangle is the way to go, it gives the absolute best combination of coverage, warmth, weight and ease and as a bonus it stays up over your face better for when you need that serious coverage.
A beautifully soft (18.9 micron) Zque certified merino rib knit from New Zealand. The rib structure means that there is less skin to fabric contact than a smoother fabric. This makes it feel cooler in the summer, but when layered up in the winter it helps trap warm air, amplifying merino's natural temperature regulating abilities.

Merino fibers have an incredible ability to wick moisture into the core of the fabric while the surface remains dry to the touch. This makes them stay dry longer, breathe better and resist odor build-up. Merino cools you in the heat by sucking moisture away from your body, yet in cool weather it helps keep you warm by ensuring that the air pockets in the fabric stay dry, helping retain heat as it dissipates. Basically it's softer, better smelling and more comfortable than just about any other fabric in a wide range of conditions. Don't leave home without it...
  • Merino Triangle
  • Superfine 18.9 Micron Merino Wool (sourced from New Zealand)
  • 100% Merino wool
  • 200gsm
  • Ultrasuede corners
  • Elegant drape
  • Temperature regulating
  • Core wicking
  • Dry handfeel
  • One size
  • Cold wash, tumble or lay flat to dry
  • Made in New York CIty
  • Sizing
    One Size. Please refer to the table below for measurements.

    Approximate measurements in inches
    Width x Length 46 x 46


    Medium Gray

    Medium Gray