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Upgrade Insoles

Upgrade Insoles

An upgrade to most any shoe. Dry, smooth and strong, buffalo leather molds to your feet while creating a drier microclimate inside your shoe for superior comfort.

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Additional Information

Sometimes great ideas are already underfoot. Over two years ago we teamed up with Feit, and quickly realized that we could instantly upgrade any of our shoes simply by taking the insoles out of the Supermarines we created with them and putting them in whatever shoe we wanted to wear that day. Clearly these insoles stood in a class of their own and we decided they deserved to step up as a solo act.

The magic is the materials of course, especially the beautiful Buffalo leather that Feit loves to use. The key is that it's both rather thick and quite dry for a leather, meaning that it absorbs moisture well and will mold to the shape of your foot for a perfect fit.

Of course it's never as simple as it sounds, insoles come in two distinct shapes, flat and wedged, so we made both. The Flat ones are super straight forward, nothing but pure buffalo leather, slide them into a shoe and it's all good. For the 8mm ones though we needed a wedge material good enough to stand next to the buffalo, so we added 8mm of cork in the rear for a firm and breathable shock absorption, and a thin layer of natural latex throughout for simple clean cushioning. We then perforated the entire forefoot to add extra breathability for the ultimate in comfort.

If you are unclear which one to get, we recommend getting the Flat which you can layer in almost any shoe. The 8mm are wedge shaped, the rear is 8mm higher than the front, if you are looking to replace an existing insole with a similar wedge (or just want a bit of extra height) then the 8mm is the way to go. Either way the choice is clear; you can keep on rocking your old stepped on insoles, or get that pure raw goodness straight from us. Feel free to step on them yourself of course.
Buffalo leather is generally considered to be one of the strongest leathers. It has a tight grain that makes it smooth yet flexible with a soft hand. It breathes well and has excellent moisture management properties. Molding to your shape after just a few wears, it becomes more supple with age without compromising durability. Thicker than cowhide, it creates smooth yet firm shock absorption.

We layered these with natural latex from the rubber tree for subtle cushion and finished it off with a cork heel. Cork is lightweight yet breathable and absorbs shock without being too soft. The firmness encourages your foot to step correctly.
  • Upgrade Insoles
  • Collaboration between Feit and Outlier
  • Made with 100% buffalo leather, natural latex and cork
  • Smooth hand
  • Molds to your foot and becomes more supple with age
  • Excellent moisture management
  • Durable
  • Perforated forefoot for ventilation
  • Thinly lined with natural latex for cushion
  • Cork heel adds natural breathability and shock absorption
  • An instant upgrade to any shoe
  • Available in Flat and 8mm
  • Handmade at the Feit factory in China
  • Sizing
    Trim down for an exact fit. Size up if between sizes.

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