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The Dymite Tote

The Dymite Tote

Beautifully light yet surprisingly sturdy. We worked with Hyperlite Mountain Gear to bring you a simple, versatile everyday tote. Made with nonwoven Dyneema-mylar hybrid, its waterproof and weighs just under 7 ounces. Sizable enough to haul your gear and strong enough to handle it. An Outlier Limited Edition summer special.

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Light, strong and simple. We got this tote from our friends at Hyperlite as an add-on to an order of Minimal Backpacks. We noticed that it kept going missing from the studio, one of us was always using it for going to the factory or borrowing it for a weekend trip. Since it was useful enough to use everyday, we figured we'd make up a few more.

Made from a nonwoven Dyneema-mylar hybrid, it's a strong, versatile and incredibly light tote that's tough enough to haul whatever gear you fill it with. Durable and featherweight, we've been taking it anywhere from day trips to the beach to weekends out of town. A zippered inside pocket keeps smaller items safely and dryly in place. This is no tiny tote, at 18”H x 18”L x 10”W it can haul quite a bit while weighing in at just under 7 ounces on its own.
Stronger than steel yet floats on water. Nonwoven dyneema is a fiber with almost limitless applications. Conventional weaving processes induce crimp in the fibers, this causes stress and wear points that significantly reduce the strength and long term performance of the fabric. Nonwoven Dyneema fibers are bonded together in multi-directional panels with various materials depending on their application. Used from making racing sails to replacing steel cords on freight ships to aerospace technology, nonwoven Dyneema fiber is tailored to a huge variety of uses.

We first encountered it at a fabric trade show a few years back and were entranced by its properties. Hyperlite Mountain Gear has been using nonwoven Dyneema bonded with mylar to make super light gear for hiking, mountain climbing and camping. We became one of their first customers and now are collaborating with them to create bags. It has a low specific gravity (floats on water), is highly UV resistant and 100% waterproof.
  • Made from nonwoven Dyneema-mylar hybrid sometimes know as Cuben Fiber

  • 18”L x 18”H x 10”W

  • 6.8 ounces

  • Small zippered inside pocket keeps valuables dry

  • Incredible strength to weight ratio

  • Waterproof material

  • UV resistant

  • Rip-stop

  • Great for everyday use

  • Hand wash/scrub when needed

  • Made in Maine, USA
  • Sizing
  • Measures: 18”L x 18”H x 10”W

  • Strap Length Measures 25.5 inches
  • Colors