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Dolomite Pivot Sleeve Shirt

Dolomite Pivot Sleeve Shirt

A sharp and smooth variation on our Blazed Cotton line. Densely woven yet extremely lightweight for a crisp clean look. Pivot Sleeve construction for true freedom of movement.

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Additional Information

We discovered the Dolomite fabric in our constant quest to improve our Blazed Cotton formulation. It's densely woven like our Supermarine Cotton, but at half the weight it wears completely different. Sharp, angular and crisp it makes an incredible dress shirt and we became instantly infatuated. Ultimately we decided it wasn't what we needed to upgrade our Blazed Cotton formulation, this stuff is expensive and we're not exactly known for being scared to pay for great fabric... Still we couldn't help making a few shirts out of it, mostly for ourselves really, but we figured if we liked it so much maybe you will too. Limited production run of 47 shirts total in Navy and Black.
This densely woven yet lightweight fabric has it's roots in the Dolomite mountains of Northern Italy. Originally designed as a downproof fabric for making skiwear this sort of cotton has almost disappeared from the world of apparel, having been replaced almost entirely by nylon. We stumbled across it and realized it would work great as a variation on our Blazed Cotton formulation. The dense weave and blazed treatment mean that it stays cleaner longer and prevents sweat from soaking through. The combination of density and lightness means it looks really sharp, almost angular yet wears super comfortably.
  • Outlier Dolomite Blazed Cotton

  • 100% Cotton

  • Woven in Switzerland

  • Plain weave densely woven

  • Pivot Sleeve construction: a button down dress shirt with an expanded range of motion

  • Classic single needle tailoring throughout

  • Custom Corozo Buttons

  • Storm flap front pocket

  • Moisture and sweat resistant

  • Dirt resistant

  • Quick drying

  • Fits true to size, a tailored medium cut designed to look good on a range of body types.

  • Available Navy and Black

  • Made in New York City
  • Sizing
    Fits true to size, a tailored medium cut designed to look good on a range of body types.

    Size Chart (in inches)
    Small Medium Large X-Large
    Chest Size 36 38 40 43
    Body Length 27 27.5 28 28.5
    Sleeve Length (from center back) 33.5 34.5 35.5 36.5