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The Cargos

The Cargos

A cleaner cargo short. Made from our 60/30 fabric, cotton comfort meets nylon toughness plus a four way stretch for true freedom of movement. Our A-frame overlap side pockets with make for a simpler front while maximizing carrying capacity.

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Additional Information

We kept it clean with these cargos. Our 60/30 fabric gives you full freedom of movement, durability and good looks. A-framed overlapping pockets make for a simple front. Double pleats expand to hold your goods, and tabbed belt loops make sure you can hang. The pockets are made from a linen-cotton blend for its cool natural toughness.

With these shorts we got to make our first experimental color, Metakhaki. Using state-of-the art jet dying machines that apply multiple dyes randomly onto fabric, we created a subtly textured yet beautiful one-of-a-kind olive drab khaki. Of course, being Outlier, we also made a few in Gray Blue.
We called our new chino fabric "60/30 Cloth" in homage to the fabric that Sierra Design named their killer 60/40 Parka's after. Back in 1968 George Marks and Bob Swanson honed in on a 58% cotton, 42% nylon blend fabric as the ideal balance of handfeel, durability, water resistance and breathability. They rounded the numbers to 60/40 for marketing purposes and went on to make the iconic jacket of 1970's era hiking and camping. For our 60/30 Cloth we wanted a fabric with a classic cotton twill handfeel, but with the durability of a hiking parka and a four way stretch for the ultimate freedom of movement. We settled on a combination of 64% cotton, 29% nylon and 7% elastane. Then we rounded the numbers off to 60/30 for marketing purposes and the Outlier 60/30 Cloth was born. The 60/30 Cloth is simple and suited for the grit and repetitive motion of real life. A fabric you’ll want to wear everyday all the while staying durable and breathable.

A note on the Metakhaki

Not really a khaki, but not really an olive drab either. We're used to making experimental clothes but this our first experimental color. We used the state-of-the-art jet dying machines to create what we call a Jet Dyed Ombre. These machines can be loaded up with up to four different dye lots which then are applied in a machine random process that creates one-of-a-kind textures. The results are subtle, quite honestly perhaps even subtler than we would have liked, but also quite beautiful.

For our first Jet Dyed Ombre experiment we combined two colors that both get called khaki, but in reality are quite different. One was the Flat Tan that we developed as our warm weather beige/khaki color. The other was an Olive Drab we modeled after the US Army's classic WWII era OD No. 3. This particular version of OD (short for olive drab) was rather light and somewhat golden. It was frequently called and confused for khaki, despite looking quite different than what you would call khaki today. Combined in a Jet Dyed Ombre the two colors produce what we call a Metakhaki. From a distance it tends to look like a light olive drab but look closely and you'll see the subtle swirls of color and texture that make it something else entirely.
  • The Cargos

  • 64% Cotton, 29% Nylon, 7% Elastane

  • Medium cut with an 8.5 inch inseam

  • A-framed overlapping cargo pockets

  • Cleaner look

  • Double pleated expanding pockets

  • Light water resistance

  • Freedom of movement

  • Tabbed belt loops

  • Linen-cotton pockets

  • The fabric weights are slightly different, Blue Gray is 325 gsm, while Metakhaki is 265 gsm

  • Experimental jet dyed color - Metakhaki

  • Machine wash warm and lay flat to dry. Tumble dry medium or low iron to restore water resistance.

  • Available in Metakhaki and Gray Blue

  • Made in New York City
  • Sizing

    Fits true to size.

    Size Chart (in inches)

    28 30 32 34 36 38
    Inseam 8.5 8.5 8.5 8.5 8.5 8.5
    Technical Waistband 30 32 34 36 38 40

    Gray Blue