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Super 100s Cap

Super 100s Cap

Made in collaboration with our friend and master milliner Victor Osborne and designed with the highest attention to detail. These caps are all made from Super 100s or better, which means they will have similar performance qualities to our premium merinos. Perfect for riding across town and still looking refined and sophisticated on your next date. Cut and sewn in New York City.

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Additional Information

This is literally the good stuff. Stuff is a word that can mean just about anything, but its first use as a noun was to describe the worsted wool fabrics that medieval knights stuffed under their suits of armor. Our Super 100s are a fine suiting fabric made from the softest and longest wool fibers available. That makes it one of the best performance fabrics in the world, but you'd never know since it tends to be used in expensive men's suits and nothing but.

Wool sometimes has a bad rep for being itchy, course and overwarm, but that's only because the good stuff always gets snatched up for suiting fabric. The finer wools breathe better than cotton, and wick moisture into the inner core of their actual fibers. This means they cool you in the summer, keep you warm in the winter and always feel drier to the touch than other fabrics, no matter how wet it is outside. It makes for an incredible cap.
Superfine worsted wools are basically the equivalent to our merino knits. When fabric is woven rather than knit, it is referred to using a Super number. The Super number denotes how fine the yarns are. The higher the number the finer the yarn and the finer the yarn, the softer the hand feel. So for example our superfine 18.8 micron hoodie fabric is equivalent to a Super 100. And our ultrafine 17.5 micro t-shirt fabric is equivalent to a Super 120.

Our worsted wools are made from Merino fibers. In short, worsted wools refer to long staple wool fibers spun into yarn. The process starts with machines pushing the fibers into straight lines. Then they are combed to remove the short fibers. What's left is then spun into yarn creating stronger, softer yarns that are then used to be woven into fabric.

With wool there is a sweet spot where you balance durability with softness. We believe this sweet spot is in the Super 100's to 120's range. Any higher and the fabric wears holes quickly. Any lower and the fabric is coarse and uncomfortable to wear next to skin.
  • Outlier Super 100s Wool

  • 100% Wool

  • Fine suiting fabric with long fibers

  • Temperature regulating

  • Helmet compatible

  • Two-layer cap construction: bengaline lining and grosgrain band

  • Made in New York City in collaboration with master milliner, Victor Osborne
  • Sizing

    Size Chart (in inches)

    Small Medium Large
    Head Size (in inches) 21.5 - 22.5 22.5 - 23.5 23.5 - 24.5
    Hat Size 6 3/4 - 7 1/8 7 1/8 - 7 1/5 7 1/2 - 7 3/4