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Short Stack Merino T-Shirt and V-Neck

Short Stack Merino T-Shirt and V-Neck

A classic tee with the natural comfort and performance of ultrafine 17.5 micron merino. Merino pulls moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry in the summer, yet insulates when the weather cools. Odor resistant, breathable, temperature regulating, quick drying and super soft. Cut shorter than our regular tees and vees. Cut and sewn in New York City.

Now AS IS final sale.

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Additional Information

Good things are born from bad and we just straight up we made a rookie mistake. We didn't leave our merino out on the cutting table long enough for it to relax properly and a whole batch of t-shirts came in off spec, about an inch and half shorter than we wanted. The shirts are still completely wearable, we've been wearing them every day the last few weeks. Truth is a lot of people might even like them better, since our core tee is cut rather long (to keep cyclists covered.) But they are still shorter than our spec and we can't sell them at the same price in good conscious. So without further ado let us introduce the $55 Short Stack Merino Tee.

This is still an amazing shirt, ultrafine 17.5 micron merino for that soft, breathable, moisture wicking, dry to the touch, stink resistant goodness. And unlike many merino companies, we put a whole lot of merino in each tee, 190 grams a square meter, for a proper solid tee shirt feel, there are no flimsy, blousey 150gsm t-shirts over here. Because they are a bit shorter you might want to avoid tumble drying these, but otherwise treat them just like our other Ultrafine merinos. You can wear them everyday, in the winter they make a badass base layer, keeping you warm and dry. In the summer they wick away your sweat and blocks UV radiation keeping you cool. Merino has a remarkable ability to not stink, so you can wear these far longer between washings than just about any other shirt you've got.

With this drop we're also proud to introduce the whitest merino on the market, what we call Near White. Merino naturally has a pale yellowish tinge and never has been bleached to a true white. But we've been pushing and pushing our suppliers to create it because we believe in the simple beauty of a plain white tee shirt, and we're determined to make it in ultrafine merino. It's not an optical white yet, but it's damn close and looks damn good on. Outlier Near White. Also available in Storm Gray and Bravest Blue. Made in NYC with ultrafine 17.5 micron Aussie-Thai merino. $55 each, two for $100. Please note that because of the cut price the return policy on this item will be 30 days returns/exchanges and in unworn condition only. Get these while they last people, we don't stay in business at these prices so we don't expect to make this mistake/blessing again... Now AS IS final sale.
So beautifully soft you'd almost think you are wearing nothing at all. The ultrafine 17.5 micron merino is the best natural performance fabric we can find. Merino has the incredible ability to suck moisture into the very core of the fiber. This pulls moisture away from your skin cooling you as you exercise, and allows the fabric to keep breathing if it gets wet. Simple and clean with an elegant drape. Perfect as either a summer top or a year round layering piece.

One word of warning though, this stuff is addictive. Once you get a taste of the merino quality it's hard to quit. Luckily it's natural anti-microbial properties make it highly odor resistant. You'll find you can get a lot more wear between washes, a good thing as ultrafine merino does not come cheap. The yarns come from Australia and knit in Thailand. We cut and sew them locally because we support our community.
  • Now AS IS final sale.

  • Ultrafine Aussie Thai Merino

  • 100% Merino Wool

  • Ultrafine weight: 17.5 micron

  • Mid-weight 190gsm

  • Classic tee cut

  • Anti-microbial

  • Odor resistant

  • Elegant drape

  • Temperature regulating

  • Core wicking

  • Dry handfeel

  • Shorter than our standard T-Shirt cut.

  • Available in both Crew Neck and V-Neck in Storm Gray, Bravest Blue and Near White

  • Made in New York City
  • Sizing
    Shorter than our standard T-Shirt cut.

    Size Chart (in inches)
    X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
    Body Length 23 24 25 26 27 27
    Chest (Circumference) 37 39 41 43 46 49
    Waist 37 39 41 43 46 49
    Hips 37 39 41 43 46 49
    Bravest Blue

    Bravest Blue

    Near White

    Near White

    Storm Gray

    Storm Gray