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Paper Nylon Tote

Paper Nylon Tote

A tote bag with a single point adjustment system. A tough and structured Paper Nylon body, Polyamour webbing and AustriAlpin slide adjust.

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Additional Information

A series of remarkable materials combined to make a single point adjustable tote bag.

The body is Paper Nylon, a Japanese nylon canvas treated to seize up into a stiff paper-like consistency. It softens in high humidity or when it wets out, but dries back to the same beautiful crunch. Maybe more importantly it is a way to make nylon stiffer, which in turn makes a subtly more stable bag.

The single adjust strap system is built around our new Polyamour Webbing, a custom made French polyester webbing built around air texturized yarns that look and feel remarkably like cotton, but with the durability and quick drying capability of poly. We call it Polyamour because it’s the first polyester we’ve ever truly loved and committed to.

The Polyamour webbing forms a single strap that runs through a pair of Vietnamese aluminum slot rings and finishes in an Austrian made AustriAlpin stainless slide adjust. This set up creates two handles connected to a single point of adjustment to easily configure the handle sizes depending on need. Super short for hand carry, in the middle for traditional one shoulder tote use and longer for across the body security and stability.

A tough nylon canvas with a hardcore crunch. Produced in Japan by Komatsu Seirin using a proprietary process that compresses and stiffens the nylon fabric into a paperlike structure. The result is crackly and semirigid fabric with a rich depth of color and almost zero stretch. It is mildly water resistant and softens in the rain, only to return to its papery crispness when it dries out.
  • Paper Nylon Tote
  • Made from Paper Nylon (Produced in Japan by Komatsu Seirin)
  • Nylon canvas finished using a proprietary process
  • Polyamour Webbing
  • AustriAlpin stainless slide adjust
  • Single Adjust strap system
  • Molly Hook Compatible Dynylon Loop Webbing
  • Hand wash/scrub when needed
  • Made in USA
  • Sizing
    Please refer to the table below for measurements.

    Garment measurement illustration
    Measurements in inches
    Size Length Width Height Volume
    Medium 14 5 16 20 liter total capacity
    Large 14.5 6 18 25 liter total capacity


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    Outlier - Paper Nylon Tote (flat, large front)
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    Outlier - Paper Nylon Tote (flat, large angled)
    Paper Nylon Tote →
    Outlier - Paper Nylon Tote (flat, medium)
    Paper Nylon Tote →
    Outlier - Paper Nylon Tote (flat, med & large)
    Medium (left) Large (right)
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    Outlier - Paper Nylon Tote (flat, label)
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    Outlier - Paper Nylon Tote (flat, webbing)
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    Outlier - Paper Nylon Tote (flat, buckle)