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Experiment 059 - Gostwyck Cocoon

Experiment 059 - Gostwyck Cocoon

An experimental cocoon of single origin 15.5 micron Gostwyck merino for when the winter cold drives you to the point of metamorphosis.

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Additional Information

An experimental cocoon of single origin 15.5 micron Gostwyck merino for when the winter cold drives you to the point of metamorphosis.
Making the best possible product requires using the best raw materials, and ultimately that means being able to trace those materials back to their source. Gostwyck Single Origin Merino is a softly stunning 15.5 micron merino that comes exclusively from the Gostwyck Ranch in New South Wales, Australia. Gostwyck has been home to some of the worlds most premium sheep herds in the world for over two centuries, but over the last two decades they’ve doubled down to create some truly stunning product. The best merino requires healthy and well cared for sheep, and that in turn requires a deep commitment to the environment of the land they graze on.

Not only does this make for some of the most beautiful merino we’ve ever had the pleasure to wear, it also represent a goal we want to get to with all of the materials we use. A deeply traceable commitment to making the world a healthier place throughout all the supply chain. From the soil and water to the air we breathe and the conditions that we work in, it is only by assuring quality in all dimensions that we can build a truly healthy economic ecosystem.

Then of course there are ways that super high quality merino subtly amplifies the qualities of nature’s finest performance fiber. The natural thermoregulation and ability to stay dry to the touch even while absorbing moisture are there of course, as is the odor resistance. The biggest difference is in the handfeel, it is denser and softer almost like a new lusher material. We’ve been chasing merino quality for years now and this is the new gold standard and one we hope to see replicated (yet differentiated) in other single origin merinos down the line.

You can read all about Gostwyck on their website, but in the end the best way to experience it is to wear it. There is only a very limited amount of this stuff available every year and half of this supply was purchased by the excellent Diyang Merino Textile group in eastern China where they spin and knit it into a spectacular 15.5 micron, 205gsm jersey.
  • Experiment 059 - Gostwyck Cocoon
  • Made with 15.5 micron Gostwyck Single Origin Merino
  • 100% wool sourced from Gostwyck Merino farm in Australia, spun and knit in China.
  • 205gsm
  • Hand wash or machine wash warm, lay flat to dry.
  • Do not bleach, do not dry clean.
  • Made in New York City with Australian/Chinese fabric.
  • Sizing
    One size.

    Please refer to the table below for measurements.

    Approximate measurements in inches
    Size One size
    Chest x Length 39 x 58