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End of Worlds

End of Worlds

A jean fit for the end of the world. Built from a radically durable take on denim. Indigo dyed cotton on the outside, two doublewoven Dyneema layers (with a touch of stretch) on the inside to create a wild and nearly indestructible fabric.

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Additional Information

We can't claim our attraction to "the world's strongest fiberâ„¢" is rational, but hey we love Dyneema. The End of World Dyneema Denim was originally made as an armor replacement for motorcycle racing. The doublewarp construction is 52% Dyneema by weight, and significantly more by volume. It's built to a four second skidding standard, the fabric can go for four seconds at 100kph without falling apart. These are NOT motorcycle pants though. None of the design, construction and trim was done with this use case so wear at high speeds at your own risk.

Beyond strength to weight ratio and remarkable durability it has some properties that may, or may not, be useful, but we find it super worth experimenting with. In particular it is far more thermoconductive than any other commonly used fiber, it handles heat more like a metal than a cloth. Put it on and you'll immediately notice the cool touch. It also is almost completely chemically inert, it is used to make artificial ligaments because the human body does not react against it at all. It all adds up to something quite interesting to wear.

Can this product truly survive the end of the world? We aren't exactly looking to find out! We have no idea how long they'll really last, but there is a good chance it will be longer than you can wear them. The high Dyneema content does make it slash resistant and virtually impossible to rip by hand. However it is neither stab nor bulletproof, that takes a lot more Dyneema. Dyneema also has a relatively low vaporization point, super hot irons and open flames are a no go. The fabric is made like a proper indigo dyed denim and it crocks like raw denim so white couches are no go too, but where are you going to find a clean white couch at the end of the world anyway?

End of the day what's important is that these things are durable, comfortable (with a 2% elastane content and crotch gusset you can move freely in them) and look good. A pant you can enjoy until the end of time, maybe.
Indigo dyed traditions meet an excessive amount of Dyneema in a doublewarp construction to create as close to an indestructible fabric as we've ever played with. Add a bit of stretch and this is the most comfortable armor you are likely to find.

Dyneema is the world's strongest fiberâ„¢, so the extreme durability is a pretty straight forward thing. The subtleties come from how the yarns are made, the fabric is woven and through some of Dyneema's less well known properties.

Most fabrics are made from a simple single warp and single weft. The End of World Dyneema uses a doublewarp set up, two warps and one weft. A cotton warp in a traditional 3x1 denim twill weave constitutes the bulk of the outer face. The weft is something pretty radical, a black, dope-dyed, spun Dyneema yarn with an elastane core. Then there is a second warp, this one facing the skin and made from a white spun Dyneema yarn. Add it all together and you get something wild, a fabric that looks like a traditional denim but is nearly indestructible and feels like an alien spacesuit when you put it on. In other words, how could we not experiment with this stuff!

The more we experiment with it the less we care about the durability (there is a decent chance these fabrics will outlive us) and the more we are intrigued by the skin feel. Dyneema is far more thermoconductive than any other common fiber. That makes it quite cool to the touch, and as long as the temperature around you is less than the body temperature it will continue to pull heat away from the body when worn. The thermoconductivity can work the other way too though, direct sun can warm this stuff up quickly. Dyneema is also extremely inert as a fiber, it reacts to almost no chemicals. This is why it is used to make artificial ligament, your body has no reason to reject it as there are no chemical reactions. What this means in a clothing context is a bit hard to tell, but this stuff is comfortable on the skin. Maybe just because it's cool and smooth, but maybe because there are less possible chemical (or maybe even electrical) reactions between it, your sweat and your skin.

A few words of warning.

1. Wear at your own risk.

2. We don't make motorcycle clothing, ride at your own risk.

3. The cotton face of the fabric is indigo dyed (using artificial not natural indigo) which means it crocks like raw denim. Sit or rub against light colored materials at your own risk, especially during the early days of wear and break in.
  • End of Worlds
  • End of Worlds Dyneema Denim
  • Woven by Berto in Italy
  • 52% UHMWPE, 37% Cotton, 9% Nylon, 2% Elastane
  • 450gsm / 13oz
  • Indigo dyed cotton on the outside, two doublewoven Dyneema layers (with a touch of stretch) on the inside
  • Gusseted crotch
  • Electrostatic rubber plated brass shank and brushed stainless steel rivets
  • Reversed yoke
  • Indigo dye will crock on white fabrics when new.
  • Machine wash cold, wash separately. Dry flat. Do not bleach.
  • Made in New York City with Italian fabric
  • Sizing

    Designed to break in. Fits true to size but will fit tight at first.

    Please refer to the table below for exact garment measurements.

    Garment Measurement Illustration
    Garment measurements in inches, measured flat
    Size 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36
    Top Opening 14.75 15.25 15.75 16.25 16.75 17.25 17.75 18.25 18.75
    Upper Thigh 11 11.25 11.5 11.75 12 12.375 12.75 13.125 13.5
    Inseam 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33
    Leg Opening 6.5 6.625 6.75 6.875 7 7.125 7.25 7.325 7.5
    Body measurement illustration
    Body measurements in inches
    Size 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36
    Natural waist at narrowest point 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36
    Black Indigo

    Black Indigo