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A simple way to separate your clothes while traveling. Two bags in one, a clean side and a dirty side. As your journey progresses, the clean side shrinks and the dirty expands. Once you start using it you may well find it an essential travel tool.

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Additional Information

The simplest thing we can say about the Doublebag is that it's really simple when you see it in action, but really hard to explain in words. It's two bags in one, with openings on both ends and one movable partition in the middle that keeps the contents of both side separate.

At the start of the trip we fill it with clean clothes using only one side of the bag. As we travel our clothes start getting dirty and we begin putting them into the other side of the bag. The clean side shrinks and the dirty side begins to fill up, but at no point do your dirty clothes ever touch your clean ones. By the end of trip we usually have one bag full of dirty clothes at which point we wash everything and start again.
The Doublebag is made of a 125 gsm 100% Supplex nylon. We’re using it for the same reason we use it as pocketing - it’s strong, durable and light. Simply put, it’ll hold what you want it to without getting busted up or weighing you down. It is also treated with a light DWR to help keep clean.
  • Outlier Doublebag
  • Made with 100% Supplex nylon
  • 125gsm
  • 1600 cubic inches capacity
  • A simple way to separate your clothes while traveling
  • Duraflex aluminum hardware
  • One end for dirty clothes, one end for clean with a partition in the middle to keep them separated
  • Made in New York City
  • Sizing
  • Measures: 15" x 29''

  • Holds 1600 cubic inches of capacity
  • Colors