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The Chari & Outlier Chalk Stripe Overshirt

The Chari & Outlier Chalk Stripe Overshirt

A soft and warm overshirt, ready to keep you cozy all winter. A heavyweight version of our pivot sleeve shirt done up in a beautiful horizontal chalk striped wool. Made in New York City.

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Additional Information

It all clicked when our friends Yuki and Ken over at Chari & Co said they wanted to make horizontal striped shirt. We'd been playing around with a wool overshirt style version of our pivot sleeve shirt, and we'd been staring at this gorgeous chalk stripe fabric wondering what we could do with it.

Lets talk about the fabric a little bit. It was lying there, over on the shady side of the fabric industry, in the hands of a jobber. Jobbers move the extra goods around, the rolls that get made for some company right before it goes out of business, or that is left over after the production is done. This particular fabric stood out like a bombshell in a dive bar. The tag read 100% wool. But it damn feels and wears like there's some cashmere in there, but who knows? The jobber mumbled something about Zegna, but there certainly wasn't any certification as to where it came from. When a fabric feels this good, and looks this good for a price this good, you don't ask too many questions. We snapped up the whole lot. We didn't even know what to do with it till the Chari crew came around.

For the Chari version of the Wool Overshirt we took this beautiful chalk stripe wool fabric and cut it on the crossgrain, so the stripes run horizontally. We modified our pivot sleeve design by adding a functional tab collar, sidebody gussets and two buttonable breast pockets. It's a pretty warm heavy and soft fabric so we used a single needle but double stitched construction throughout so that it falls slim and flat. None of that matters much when you put it on, once you wear it you'll know exactly why we made this shirt. Wear it as a fall overshirt or layer it for deep winter warmth. Looks great and rides great, what more could you ask for in a shirt? Very limited edition available at Chari & Co and here for $195.

Update: If we're sold out of your size, check Chari for more shirts.
A beautiful soft worsted wool fabric. Charcoal with chalk stripes. It feels amazing and wears amazing, but we bought it via a jobber (basically someone who sells odd lots of fabric) so the details are fuzzy. We think it's Italian, but it's not clear. It was labeled 100% wool, but we suspect it's got a bit of cashmere in there as well, it's softer than any pure wool we've touched. Bottom line, this stuff feels like it belongs in a $3000 suit, not a $195 shirt.

  • Imported Wool (or Wool/Cashmere?) fabric

  • Warm and comfortable

  • Naturally odor resistant

  • Naturally wrinkle resistant

  • Two front breast pockets

  • Pivot Sleeve construction

  • Functional Tab Collar

  • Sidebody gussets

  • Single needle, double stitched construction

  • 24L chalk crackle buttons

  • Charcoal with chalk stripe wool made in New York City

  • Dry-clean or hand wash in Woolite

  • Available at Chari & Co and here for $195
  • Sizing
    Fits true to size, a tailored medium cut and designed to look good on a range of body types.

    Size Chart (in inches)
    Small Medium Large X-Large
    Chest Size 36 38 40 42-43
    Body Length 27.5 28.5 29 29.5
    Chest Actual (Circumference) 39 41.5 44 46
    Waist (Circumference) 37.5 39 41.5 43.50
    Hips (Circumference) 40 42 45 46.5
    Sleeve Length 32.5 33.5 34.5 35.5