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60/30 Blazer

60/30 Blazer

The classic cotton blazer — upgraded. The structure, stretch and snap of our 60/30 Cloth creates a sport coat ready to go anywhere and do anything. Cleaner and more durable, with a true freedom of movement.

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Additional Information

One of the dirtiest secrets of the sport coat is that it once was an incredibly functional garment, a jacket made for action and utility. Over the years it couldn't have strayed farther from its roots, the form has ossified into a conservative and constraining garment. Our goal with the 60/30 Blazer is to liberate the blazer from the chains of tradition and create an incredibly useful jacket that you can take anywhere and do anything in.

With the 60/30 Blazer we wanted to take the sport coat back to those functional roots, and then update it to the 21st century using the best technical fabrics around. We wanted a blazer that could move well though multiple dimensions. It needs to move well on the body, giving full freedom of motion. It needs to travel well, avoiding wrinkles and capable of taking a beating if your journey gets rough. It needs to move through the elements well, shrugging off light rain, dirt and grime, and drying quickly if it does get wet. And of course it needs to move seamlessly through the social dimension, it needs to function like a traditional blazer, projecting the power and class that get you through doors that are tricky to open.

We've experimented with a lot of fabrics for blazers, but the 60/30 Cloth is our favorite yet. The crux of this fabric is in its *snap*. It's a four-way stretch fabric, giving it a great freedom of movement, but more than that it has a real density and structure. A great sport coat feels like a piece of lightweight armor, and always looks sharp, and the 60/30 Cloth is the only fabric we've found that can get that feeling, get that look and at the same time give you the ability to move freely. On top of that, this is a NanoSphere treated cloth, made of a carefully calibrated combination of cotton (64%) micronylon (29%) and stretch fibers (the last 7% is elastane). What this all means is this fabric is tougher than your average cotton, and also stays cleaner and dries faster, making for an amazing piece to take on the road.

One of the hardest parts of designing this piece was deciding what menswear rules to keep and which to disregard. What we landed on is an unstructured construction with shoulder pads, a notch collar, double welt besome pockets and laser etched buffalo horn buttons on the front and sleeves.

The jet-dyed fabric ages and fades beautifully, but might not be to everyone's taste. If you are looking for a blazer that holds color evenly the way wool does, well nothing does that better than wool...
60/30 Cloth Logo
We call this fabric 60/30 Cloth in homage to the fabric that Sierra Design named their killer 60/40 Parkas after. Back in 1968, George Marks and Bob Swanson honed in on a 58% cotton, 42% nylon blend fabric as the ideal balance of handfeel, durability, water resistance and breathability. They rounded the numbers to 60/40 for marketing purposes and went on to make the iconic jacket of 1970's era hiking and camping.

We wanted to find something that could offer not only the handfeel of a classic cotton twill and durability of a hiking parka, but also a four-way stretch for true freedom of movement - something that’s simple yet suited for the grit and motion of real life. The result is our best demonstration of invisible technology in action. Our combination of 64% cotton, 29% micro-denier nylon and 7% elastane keeps the familiar look and feel of cotton while boasting the strength of nylon and the stretch of elastane. A "self-cleaning" NanoSphere® treatment tops it off to give the fabric extra water and dirt resistance as well as quick drying properties.

Then we rounded the numbers off like Marks and Swanson and the Outlier 60/30 Cloth was born. It’s a durable, breathable material you’ll want to wear every day.
  • 60/30 Blazer
  • Made with Outlier 60/30 Cloth
  • Woven by Schoeller in Switzerland
  • 64% Cotton, 29% Nylon, 7% Elastane
  • 325gsm
  • Four-way stretch twill weave
  • NanoSphere "self-cleaning" treatment
  • Unstructured construction with shoulder pads
  • Notch collar lapel
  • Single back vent
  • Double welt pockets
  • One inside pocket
  • Custom horn buttons made in Italy
  • Two front buttons
  • Three functional sleeve buttons
  • Fits true to size
  • Dry clean only, low iron if needed.
  • Made in New York City with Swiss fabric.
  • Sizing

    Fits true to size.

    Please refer to the table below for garment's exact measurements.

    Garment measurement illustration
    Garment measurements in inches, measured flat
    Size XS S M L XL
    Shoulder 16.75 17.25 17.75 18.25 18.75
    Length high shoulder to bottom 28.5 29.13 29.75 30.38 31
    Sleeve length CENTER BACK TO CUFF 33.75 34.25 34.75 35.25 35.75
    Body Measurement Illustration
    Body measurements in inches
    Size XS S M L XL
    Chest 34 36 38 40 42